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9 o'clock nasty is back and heavier than ever with Crowland!


9 o'clock Nasty, The Leicester-based alternative outfit, is back with another hit! After making us addicted to Bird of Happiness, we see their newer-unhinged side of musical exploration. This time they are all about grooving to the beat and heavier than ever. The track in question is their latest banger "Crowland"!


In their own words, Crowland is a fictional place that is uncomfortably close to reality. The song is heavy and tells a story to the listener. The guitar work is clever, saying a lot without speaking much. The bass accompanies the guitar well all the while filling in where all fades away. Our personal favorites were the parts where the bass is bit-crushed resembling the sound of an old NES game. It would be a misfortune to not give this a spin!

Dive into the Tune here -


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