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Get refreshed from the heat with a Soft Rock number by Andy Smythe!

Updated: May 3

Andy Smythe

Andy Smythe is a poetic singer-songwriter from London working towards the much-awaited revival of the 90s Brit-Pop scene with his melodic compositions. He's all about that John Lennon/David Bowie style of writing while singing about his own "Inner World". Andy Smythe appeared on the UK music scene in the early 2000s at significant events such as The Borderline, 12Bar Club, and The National Theatre.

Andy Smythe is a Multi-Instrumentalist having perfected his craft at the Piano, Drums, Guitars, And The Bass. He is on an exploration journey by not adhering to the trends and writing what he loves.

Taking the spotlight today is the last single, "Don't Be Fool", from his upcoming album "Poems in Exile".

The song is pretty laid-back and chill. The main highlight of the track is the steady and grounded bassline, it does way more than just move the song forward. The drums are locked into the rock groove. Andy Smythe has a husky and warm vocal tone, perfect for this type of music. The subtly of the harmonica and piano is the cherry on top!

Dive into the Tune here -


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