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Two words for Cinnamon Sandhu's 'Materialistic Rani' - Unapologetic & Fun.

Cinnamon Sandhu, a Vancouver-based artist, is an Indo-Cannadian singer, songwriter, and composer well-versed in the fusion-pop genre.

Woman, Yellow, Crown, Cinnamon, Dress, Singer, Musician, Artist
Cinnamon Sandhu

Cinnamon's latest track, 'Materialistic Rani', is produced by Bienvenue Osee, and is mastered with the help of Major Mugisho. It is a fun, upbeat anthem of empowerment that blends the English language with the Punjabi ethnology seamlessly. The Punjabi beats mixed with the components of pop music add life to the track. The catchy rhythms along with the dynamic ambiance of music, and lyrics will make you groove.

The lyrics encourage the audience to embrace and embody materialism because it is not all bad. Being materialistic doesn't mean being selfish or vain; it provides us with financial freedom, & personal agency which in turn empowers us. The message of stability in terms of monetary assets, liberation, and fearless self-expression is well articulated. Cinnamon embodies the spirit of a materialistic queen unabashedly. Her vocals project her convictions through every word she enunciates.

Go dance to the beat of this energetic track.

Dive into the tune here -


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