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The Mess:Age's latest release, 'MR W.H.O' Blends 80s Synth with a Twist of Indie Rock

The Mess:Age's 'MR. W.H.O' is a powerful anthem echoing the spirit of indie rock

with a whiff of the 80's synth.

Man, Guitarist, Bassist, Artist, SInger, Musician, Band, Guitar, Black, Monochrome, Noise
The Mess:Age

Glen Brandon, the band's guiding force, channels existential themes of liberation and enlightenment in the midst of societal chaos. 'MR. W.H.O' serves as a call to action, challenging authority and encouraging listeners to awaken their inner fire.

Lyrics like "Who do you think you are... You try to crush us to the ground," echo as a bold resistance against the oppression and are delivered with sheer passion. The song's high-powered instrumentation merges elements of 80s rock and commercial synth, creating an experience that both energizes and empowers.

With 'MR. W.H.O,' The Mess:Age invites the listeners on a journey where they explore themselves while resisting, with music guiding them towards change and freedom.

Dive into the tune here -


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