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Federico Ghidini's 'Keep On Love': A Fresh Funk-Pop Journey with a Whiff of the 80s!

Federico Ghidini's 'Keep On Love' infuses pop rock and soul with funky vibes of the 80s.

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Federico Ghidini

Ghidini’s voice radiates warmth and clarity, blending flawlessly and instrumentally. His experience in funk, soul, and R&B shines throughout the song, narrating a story of passion and persistence.

Federico Ghidini's journey began with a passion for the melodies of the 70s and 80s, inspired by his uncle's vinyl records. Electric guitar and synths intertwine, crafting a track that is both modern as well as reminiscent of the 80s era.

His song's lyrics focus on the themes of love and originality that resonate deeply with listeners. Ghidini delivers an engaging performance, coupled with the song's catchy chorus, making it a standout track that leaves a lasting impression.

'Keep On Love' is a sparkling celebration of love and music, highlighting Ghidini's talents as a singer-songwriter and performer.

Dive into the tune here -


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