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Get captured by the Pain of love with "Bird of Happiness" by 9 o'clock Nasty!

9 o'clock Nasty

9 o'clock Nasty, The Leicester-based alternative outfit, is known for making music that defies genres. In their own words ".....the truth is we listen to each song’s soul and we make it how it needs to be." The prime example of this mindset is their newest single from their "Culture Wars 2023" LP, Bird of Happiness.

They are usually known for writing sensual songs but this time they had a different approach, singing about the heartache of missing the one that completes you. The song starts off with the lush electric guitars and an overdriven melody which is the hook of the song. The drums are laid back and groovy, reminiscent of the classic rock era of the 70s. This song explores the feeling of Being completely okay until you step into the world of love!

Dive into the Tune here:


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