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‘Dream’ by Amanda Brecker: An Album That Will Make You Fall In Love Again!

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Amanda Brecker

We all have been starry-eyed individuals with rose-tinted glasses at the peak of our teenage years, Amanda Brecker, a singer-songwriter hailing from New York, packages that feeling and nostalgia into a beautiful little album with nine tracks exploring themes of love, romance, infatuation, rage and the yearning that comes with unreciprocated love.

‘Dream’ - as the name suggests has a very dreamy tone and vibe, the album opens with ‘The Man Of My Dreams’, which is a beautiful song about young love and infatuation, listening to it might just transport you to the time you had your first crush. This song is genuinely enjoyable due to the classic pop elements it presents like upbeat music, peppy guitar and passionate vocals. ‘Wrong Again’ is the second track I heard from this album, this song’s music video is bound to give you a throwback to the 80s and 90s! This song revolves around how some of us tend to do whatever we can to be with the one we crush on, it’s sweet, it’s dreamy and it is REAL!

‘Something Real’ on the flip side explores themes of letting go and heartbreak, like every good pop song about heartbreak it has music that will move you and strong vocals that will push you to feel emotions you might have suppressed. My personal favourite from this album is, ‘Morning Kiss’. This song is absolutely soft and gentle in contrast to the other rocking songs in the album, it really shows the range of versatility that Amanda Brecker possesses. ‘Walk Out’ is one of my other personal favourites from the album. If you are someone who has been through a tough relationship or a bitter break-up, this track filled with rage is going to be your new holy grail thanks to its relatable lyrics and rocking music! There are other great songs in this album that speak of similar themes and provide a beautiful insight into the world of love and longing.

In conclusion, I believe Amanda Brecker is a wonderful artist with a great range, she reminds me of Taylor Swift’s ‘Fearless’ era, which is why I believe that she has great potential to please you with her passionate album - ‘Dream’. If you too love pop and alt-rock, then this this album must be a part of your playlist!

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