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The Local 12's debut album, 'Abandon' Transforms Rock with a Genre-Bending Twist

Updated: May 6

'Abandon' by The Local 12 is an exciting exploration of alternative rock, classic rock, indie rock, and soft rock. This debut album consists of ten tracks, each showcasing the band's wide-ranging musical influences and talent in both songwriting and performance. With members from South Jersey and Delaware County, The Local 12 captures the spirit of music that embraces beyond the edges of rock and pop, offering a much-needed shift from mainstream expectations.

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The Local 12

The album opens with the track, 'Wave at the Window,' a track that immediately sets a summer vibe with its folkish touches and a catchy, groovy bridge. The band introduces new layers into their narratives, expanding the song and setting the tone for the album.

'Godforsaken' takes the listener in a contrasting direction, diving into more dark yet packed with genuine lyrics. The standout keyboard solo is a show stealer, making it a personal favorite of the album.

Next up is 'King of Small Time,' a lively track with funky rhythms, Latin influences, and Southern rock elements. The band shows off their tight synchronization, especially in the upbeat and punchy chorus. This song becomes solid proof of the band's ability to blend different styles immaculately.

'SU(5') offers a mix of alternative and indie rock sounds, comprising various influences into pleasing chords and unique lyrics. The killer breakdown in the track showcases the band's creativity and willingness to experiment and hop from genre to genre.

'In the Lighthouse' stands out for its impactful solos and chill rhythm changes, creating an atmospheric and psychedelic experience for the listener. The song's tension and suspense add to the overall album's dynamic nature.

'Hitchhikers Guide' follows with a trippy experience, experimenting instrumentally. The track's placement within the album is well thought out as it offers a refreshing break, providing a smooth transition between the different experiences of each incredible track.

'All She Wants...' is a high-energy track that brings a lively lift to the album. It's a single-worthy song with an infectious chorus and great lyric writing that compliments the band's performance. This song is perfect for a feel-good moment.

'Chance of a Lifetime' slows things down with its impactful lyrics and a beautiful shift between the album's flow. The song's arrangement and instrumentation choices create a serene and emotional atmosphere. The inclusion of choir parts adds an extra layer of depth to the song.

'Quicksilver Girl' is a fun and catchy track with the echoes of the blues. The straightforward lyrics work well within the song, creating an enjoyable listening experience. The band's ability to blend different styles even after 9 songs shines through pristinely.

The album comes to an end with' Stranded,' a slow touching narrative that builds up gradually, incorporating groovy bridges and cappella moments. The powerful finish leaves an unforgettable impact on the listener, inviting them to share the band's raw passion.

'Abandon' is a well-crafted album, from lively tracks to emotional ones, the band takes its listeners on a journey through all sorts of genres and emotions. Fans of alternative rock and classic rock will very much enjoy this album, which combines a fresh approach with classic rock elements.

The Local 12 has successfully created an album that is both innovative and nostalgic, leaving listeners eager for more.

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