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Magnus & John's 'Snowbirds' Soars with Electro-Pop Delight

Album Cover for Snowbirds

Magnus & John is a synth-pop duo that hails from Luxembourg. Their music has a penchant for rumbling production, which is sure to please fans of electronic pop music. They released their  4 track album “Snowbirds in April this year. The title track “Snowbirds” is a blend of infectious beats and heady melodies that are sure to entice listeners onto the dance floor. Other songs in the album include, “Love is the Answer”, “Sublime- Sunday Morning Remix” and “ I need love.” The title song is described as a sonic euphoria that delves into transcendent harmony, showcasing the duo's skill and imaginative vision. The track features incredible dance sonic concepts and surreal textures, making it a standout in the realm of electronic pop music. 

Magnus & John's electro-pop album "Snowbirds" is a mesmerizing journey through pulsating beats and ethereal melodies. With tracks like "Love is the Answer" and "I Need Love," they immerse listeners in a world of sonic bliss. The "Sublime-Sunday Morning Remix" offers a refreshing take on their signature sound. Throughout the album, they showcase their talent for crafting infectious rhythms and surreal textures, solidifying their place in the realm of electronic pop music.

Dive into the album below :


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