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I Panic's Latest EP "Growing up in Public" is sure to send you back in the good ol' times!!

Updated: May 3

I Panic

I Panic is the brain-child of Dutch Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Marcel van Tetering.

"I Panic" was originally founded as a band by Marcel and his two childhood friends in 1987. The group would go on to perform their original compositions along with other cover bands at the time. The band broke up after running for a year.

Afterwards Marcel retained the name "I Panic" to release his own songs as a solo project.

During the Pandemic, Marcel decided to give up on reviving the concept as a real band and turned to the idea of becoming a "One-man Band" and recording everything himself. His primary inspirations are Acts such as Joe Jackson, David Bowie, and Elvis Costello among many others.

I Panic starts off 2024 with his latest LP "Growing up in Public" with multiple songs he released as singles throughout the years.

"Kill the Dog" is a banger of an opening track. I Panic tells the story of someone frustrated with noisy neighbors. The track kicks in with an overdriven Guitar along with the hard-hitting drums. The track is a beautiful mix of ska and grunge music.

The heavy intro of "I'm Here in the Fridge" is contrasting to the super-fun song it is. The lyrics are cute and light-hearted. It's an upbeat composition with poppy drums and bass. The phased guitar is a rare sighting these days!

"I Will Never" is the soulful ballad of the EP, I break from all the crazy fun. The introduction is heavy and dark, but that sweet relief of the chorus turns the song upside down! That transition is applaudable, smooth, and heart-touching.

"Stronger" is so intricately composed, sounding like an anthem. There's so much musical goodness to take in, the rhythmic guitar, the harmonized vocals, and oh lord that Piano!

"Yo-Yo Man" casually lays the hardest basslines in the EP going hard and smooth in the blink of an eye. The song is hallucinogenic, it will throw you into outer space.

After all the madness of the EP, "Take My Hand" is the resolution of an epic journey. You are sure to relax and get comfy to the song. Just Marcel's voice and some guitars caressing your eardrums softly. You should definitely give this EP a spin!

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