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TaniA Kyllikki's 'I Struck Gold With You' is a poetic love song for the ages.

British indie artist Tania Kyllikki is known for her exceptional vocals and authentic songwriting skills. Tania has created songs in a multitude of genres but she excels at nailing down the soulful R&B vibe.

Woman, Redhead, Red, Lipstick, Sweater, Grey, Singer, Artist, Musician
TaniA Kyllikki

The phrase 'I struck gold with you' means to have found great success with something.

Tania dedicates this track to her husband, Rynrllton, the music producer for this song.

'I Struck Gold With You' has the perfect score to fit its romantic vibe. Tania has blended R&B and modern pop genres impeccably to suit the vibe of this track. The best part has to be the storytelling form of lyricism. It paints the picture of a fairytale which most of us dream of when we think of our life partner. The lyrics, "It's as though you were made for me and I were made for you" convey the hopeless romanticism and wistfulness well.

The song begins mellow with piano notes but the tempo picks up during the chorus inspiring you to feel every single emotion that Tania has put into it. The singer's passionate vocals are powerful and expressive. Her 5-octave vocal range in addition to effortless whistle notes is super impressive.

This song is perfect for everyone who believes that having the right person supporting you,

and loving you unconditionally can give you the strength to get through tough times.

Dive into the tune here -


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