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‘Over’ by KH¡: An Angsty Track For Heartbreak Survivors!

Woman, Afro hairstyle, tie-dye hoodie

KH¡ is a talented singer-songwriter who started to write poems and compose music when she turned thirteen. KH¡ has always described her art as an effort to give others an outlet to express and process the pain and anguish they might be suppressing.

‘Over’ does just that, it is an angsty, hard-hitting, and melancholic track that explores themes of heartbreak. The trappy music is one of the key features of this track. KH¡’s Vocals are raw, and their rawness validates the emotions of the lyrics.

The only improvement I’d wish to see in KH¡’s craft is the production quality. Nonetheless, this unconventional yet real track was able to move me in moments. If you are a fan of indie or R&B music then this track should be an addition to your playlist NOW!

Dive into the tune now -


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