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'Move On' by D-Terence is the perfect blend of afrobeat, soothing lyrics and nostalgia.

D-Terence's song, 'Move On' is based on a convoluted story about being in love and then growing out of it. The artist came up with it at the end of their last relationship.

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The beginning of the song will remind you of the soft, comforting silence shared between close companions. The track starts with muted piano notes and then comes the rhythmically calming beats.

What I love the most about its composition is that despite having a grueling message of moving on, the song doesn't make you feel somber. You are filled with a newfound energy to get yourself together.

The lyrics speak of falling out of love or outgrowing a person whom you shared the most intimate moments with. The R&B feels of the music balance out the heaviness of the lyricism.

This song is perfect for an Indie playlist. Listen to it right away if you want some comforting words to help you move on because no matter what, life goes on. And as the artist rightfully said, "This too shall pass."

Dive into the tune here -


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