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Himmat Singh pays tribute to the Californian beaches and summer breeze with his latest single 'Drip Drip'.

Himmat Singh is a Los Angeles-based artist with an Indian background.

He blends Punjabi folk with R&B seamlessly. He also dwells in the hip-hop genre.

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Himmat Singh

This song starts strong with the classic Punjabi love song vibes. The smooth and easy guitar riffs set the tone for the flirty lyrics. Even though the song was written 6 years ago, it has been recorded and produced in 2024.

The track is laid-back and catchy. Himmat's vocals convey the song's emotions with such ease that the language barrier wouldn't be a problem. His voice has this lively charm that conveys the excitement and joy of your crush liking you back effortlessly.

The track also feels alive with the summer breeze on Californian beaches with the perfect Punjabi twist. The soft beats will make you bob your head to the melody for sure.

Catch 'Drip Drip' by Himmat Singh on Spotify right away!

Dive into the tune here -

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