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Feel the sweetness and warmth in your heart with "M'akoma Mu Toffee" by Xy Bird.

singers and songwriters, black jackets
Xy Bird (Daisy & Andrew)

'M'akoma Mu Toffee' is a Twi (Ghanaian language) phrase meaning sweetheart. Daisy and Andrew, the afro-indie duo from East London, describe their music style as a love child of Scott Walker and Leikeli47. Xy Bird started working together during the lockdown, and "M'akoma Mu Toffee" is their latest single. The track makes you feel warm on the inside. With soft guitar riffs, pleasant beats that make you tap your feet to the music and bright vibes, this track perfectly puts forth feelings of joy, contentment and unadulterated love. The airy vocals add to the youthful pulse created by the layered percussion sounds in the background.

Dive into the tune here -


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