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Ellen Andrea Wong's 'There is a Place' Harmonizes Gospel and Elegance

Ellen Andrea Wong's "There is a Place," brilliantly arranged for choir by Kjetil Bjerkestrand, unfolds a fascinating blend of jazz and choral expressions.

The Women’s Choral Society of the University of Oslo ventures into new realms, steering away from conventional paths.

The lyrics, drawn from the Gospel of Luke, delve into Mary's anticipation of childbirth. In these angelic lines "There is a place I know, where I can rest my soul and find peace of mind," Ellen Andrea Wong crafts a poetic universe. The harmonious blend of angelic voices creates a kind of melodic sanctuary to the track. The simplicity of the verses enhances the song's elegance, while the choir's performance, like heavenly messengers, surpasses the everyday.

Ellen Andrea Wong's debut choral piece, "Magnificat," expertly blends vocals, offering a serene must-listen.

Dive into the tune here


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