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Eleyet McConnell’s 'Don’t Tell Me Why' Will Hit You Right in the Feels.

Eleyet McConnell, the dynamic duo from Central Ohio, released their new single 'Don't Tell Me Why' on May 10th. Angie McConnell’s powerful vocals with Chris McConnell’s eloquent 70s rock and blues arrangements create nostalgic yet modern hits.

Man, Woman, Duo, Beard, Gray, Orange, Top, Wood, House, Veranda, Jeans, Black, Tshirt, White, Pants, Singer, Artist, Musician, Cap, Pearls, Tattoos
Eleyet McConnell

This track, from their debut EP 'Crazy World,' doesn't shy away from expressing raw emotions through its agonizing narrative. The track reflects vulnerability and confusion by delving into themes like longing. Lines like “Why I cry when I’m alone in my bed” and “Things are getting out of hand” capture the essence of inner struggle.

Eleyet sings of sleepless nights and emotional chaos, painting a vivid picture of personal struggle. This track’s blend of heart-wrenching narrative and instrumentation makes it a memorable addition to their album.

'Don’t Tell Me Why' is an exquisite track that showcases Eleyet McConnell's unique blend of classic influences and contemporary style, making it an unforgettable listen that may even linger in your mind long after the final note fades.

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