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West Wickhams' Drop their Latest Album, 'Vivre Sa Vie': A Rollercoaster of Postpunk Vibes

West Wickhams' latest album, "Vivre Sa Vie," invites listeners on a diverse journey through the realm of the genre, Postpunk. The tracklist reads like a chapter list, each song is a diverse exploration contributing its flavor to the overall storyline.

TieDye, Purple, Pink, Gradient, Album, EP
Vivre Sa Vie

The album opens with the energetic track number one "I Am Sparkling Cyanide," setting the pace for what follows. The beats lay the groundwork for an experience that promises unpredictability. The blend of electronic and indie rock feels both familiar and refreshingly unconventional. The opening track isn't just an introduction; it's an invitation to step into an adventure defined by the postpunk realm.

"The Maddening Crowd" transforms into a cinematic experience. The music serves as a backdrop to an imaginary film, crafting a rhythm with a sense of urgency, drawing parallels to the suspenseful opening credits of a classic film. The fusion of electronic and rock elements contributes to a retro feel, transporting listeners to an era where cinematic soundtrack held a distinct and influential place in storytelling.

"Carla Suspiria" provides an eargasmic experience as the echoes of the instrumental work truly feel like riding into a dark tunnel, creating a metaphorical passage through darkness, with the listener patiently awaiting the return of light. The unfolding of this metaphorical passage transforms the exploration, providing a glimpse into a calm and dazzling realm. The song puts together an immersive narrative, mirroring the process of navigating through the dark tunnel.

The disorienting sounds of "I'm Spinning I'm Spinning" embody its title. A swirling vortex of distorted elements captures the sensation of being caught in a dizzying whirl. The track stands out as a bold departure from conventional structures, marking a peak in the album's experimental nature. You can feel the warm vocals echoing in your ears as they execute a sense of dizziness when they do.

Transitioning into "At the Cinema" the complexity deepens. Layers of instruments intertwine. The precise collaboration among instruments in this track highlights the artist's potential to shape a narrative through music, introducing a fascinating element to the album's broader experience.

"The Conformist" encapsulates an almost palpable tension, similar to a ticking bell intricately tied to the core of your soul, resonating with each moment of doubt. The vocals act as echoes of the thoughts within, creating a stop-motion-like feeling, while your brain continues to wrack your nerves.

The album wraps up with "Damned Defiant!," epitomizing the fusion of EDM and Indie Rock that defines West Wickhams' musical identity. It's a calm end to a spectacular album, finishing on a note that leaves a strong but subtle impact of an album that explored some deep thoughts.

'Vivre Sa Vie' isn't just a collection of tracks; it's an exploration of life's complexities. Each song, akin to a chapter, refracts the spectrum of human experience. West Wickhams crafts an album that invites listeners to explore the interconnectedness of music and emotion. It's a one-of-a-kind creation, showcasing the endless amazing things creativity can do.

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