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Vancouver Duo, Gone Sugar Die Paints Heartbreak in their latest release, 'Valentine'

In 'Valentine' by Gone Sugar Die, Vancouver's fusion duo Mike Hindert and Patrick McWilliams deliver a nostalgic dive into failed romance.

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Gone Sugar Die

The song captures the vibes of 80s nostalgia and the raw appeal of dive bars. The lyrics delve into the aftermath of love lost, capturing the essence of longing and thinking about the moments when strong feelings didn't go as planned.

The duo's blend of gritty bass, airy breaths, and synthesizers creates an eargasmic experience that mirrors the melancholy inherent in the narrative. Gone Sugar Die skillfully combines electronic, pop, and indie elements, producing a track that immerses listeners in the bittersweet tune of a love story that faded away.

'Valentine' showcases Gone Sugar Die's ability to stir emotions, definitely worth a listen.

Dive into the tune here -


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