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Two Feet will bring you to your knees with his latest "To My Knees".

Two Feet aka Zachary William Dess, hailing from New Jersey, USA is the new sensation for Alt. Music lovers across the globe. Zachary has been performing with Jazz and Blues ensembles across the state before the inception of Two Feet. Two Feet saw success after his single "Go F**k Yourself" became viral on Soundcloud which landed him a deal with the label Republic Records. The consecutive single "I feel like I'm drowning" hit the number 1 spot on the US Alternative chart in 2018. This significantly added Two Feet in the ranks of top Alt Artists on the Globe.

His latest single describes the story of a man madly in love with his partner. The song has beautiful guitar chords accompanying the bluesy vocals of Zachary. The drums and the gritty bass are the stars of the show however, giving the song it's rocking pace and making the song seductive in the typical Two Feet style. No wonder Two Feet is counted in the top ranks of Alternative Artists around.

Dive into the Tune here -


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