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Turn Up Your Volumes as WAVERLY DRIVE brings you his latest release, 'Taste of Love': A Must-Listen Anthem for Hopeless Romantics

WAVERLY DRIVE's 'Taste of Love' is a mystifying track about love.

Man, Shades, Glasses, Black, Sweatshirt, Sweater, Orange, Light, Musician, Artist, Singer

The track delves into the momentary yet meaningful aspects of romance, questioning whether a brief spark can leave a lasting impact. With expressive words like "Your Scarlett shadow so close behind inside my mind" and "Give me a taste of love in the summertime, Make it last through the winter," these lyrics paint a vivid picture of dreamy longing and eager anticipation.

Instrumentally, the track blends elements of 80s rock and indie pop, creating a nostalgic yet fresh song characterized by energetic rhythms and infectious guitar hooks. WAVERLY DRIVE navigates the complexities of love with a sense of urgency and yearning, capturing the listener's imagination with each verse and chorus.

'Taste of Love' invites listeners on a walk through the many seasons of emotion, from the warmth of summer to the chill of winter, imitating the uncertain nature of romance. This track is living proof of the artist's ability to craft such touching narratives within a dynamic music scene.

Stream 'Taste of Love' by WAVERLY DRIVE - a must-listen for those who are massive suckers for crushing, head-bobbing-worthy rock songs about love and yearning.

Dive into the tune here -

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