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This song feels like floating in a dream! Submerge in West by Ki To

West by Ki To
You know that feeling when it's a chill weekend and you are driving through the sunset with your friends? This song is that feeling personified!!

Ki To is the fresh sensation rising from the busy streets of San Francisco, he's here to steal our hearts! Ki To is a multi-talented artist having deep roots in a lot of arts such as dance, Fashion, and our favorite, MUSIC.

This song dives deep into the confusion and loneliness of dating in these times. It's easy to get lost in this journey and Ki To is here to accompany you throughout this song. The track is very chill and easy to listen to. I liked the laid-back vibe while being a tad bit bittersweet with the lyrics. You should definitely give this a Spin!

Dive into the tune here-


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