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The SICKEST beats meet the saddest verses in this banger by KANDA!!

Updated: May 3


KANDA started songwriting at the early age of 14. Now 19, KANDA has achieved a significant amount of awards such as BBC C&W Artist of the Month (2020). Hailing from London, KANDA is inspired by Bruno Mars, and Rag ‘n’ Bone Man. KANDA has a unique storytelling aspect in his music which he uses to speak up about socially dividing topics. This can be experienced in his latest single, "Unanswered Questions".

The song has a great ambiance to it, very nostalgic as a listener, reminiscent of the early 2010's music. KANDA has a very husky and powerful voice, all of the raw emotion can be felt through his growls. The music is chill with the gloomy synth-pads, carried on with the simple yet catchy drums. The lyrics are relatable for someone who's been struggling to let a loved one go. You should give this a spin as it'll get stuck in your head!!

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