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The Gorillaz Strike again! The second studio album by everyone's favorite Virtual Band!

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Gorillaz, An interestingly "Manufactured" band.

Formed by Ex-Blur frontman Damon Albarn and comic artist Jamie Hewlett way back in 1998 in the bustling streets of London. Both of them met each other when Hewlett was assigned to interview Damon and Graham Coxon -Ex-Guitarist of Blur, which Damon and Graham had recently formed.

The idea for Gorillaz came to them when they were casually surfing through MTV and felt that "Nothing of Substance" was there. As this was during the time of the big "Boy Band" era, they felt everything was manufactured. So, they decided to make their own manufactured band but with a twist.

In 1998, Damon started to brew up ideas for the Gorillaz in his recently opened Studio 13 in London. The workings of Gorillaz encouraged and empowered Damon to explore other genres of music such as Hip-Hop and Latin music, which he could not explore while working on Blur. This exploration of Damon and Jamie gave birth to the Gorillaz's self-titled debut album.

From left to right; 2D, Noodles, Murdoc Niccals, and Russel Hobbs

The Virtual band consists of

2D - Vocals

Noodles - Guitars

Murdoc Niccals - Bass

Russel Hobbs - Drums

After finishing the tour with Blur for their album, "Think Tank", in 2003, Albarn returned to Hewlett to continue working on Gorillaz. "We chose to continue Gorillaz to prove that the band was not just a "Gimmick". This goal has resulted in their Second Studio Album - Demon Days.

Jamie Hewlett(Left), Damon Albarn(Right)
"We wanted to prove Gorillaz was not just a Gimmick"

Demon Days has a whole different approach than the usual Gorillaz sound. Demon Days was influenced majorly by Hip-Hop music. This was the reason the Albarn got American Producer Danger Mouse onboard.

Demon Days features various Hip-Hop artists such as Bootie Brown, Shaun Ryder, Ike Turner, and MF Doom among others. Demon Days is a must-listen for any Hip-Hop fans.

Dive into the Tune here -


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