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An Artist that does not Exist!! Groove along to Starjunk 95's Latest hit "Funk Dust Soul"!

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

The newest addition to the niche bunch of "Fictional Artists" is Starjunk 95

As the dawn of the Technological era, Mankind has witnessed multiple endeavors that blur the lines between the Art and the Artist. From the likes of Gorillaz to Vocaloids, The newest addition to the niche bunch of "Fictional Artists" is Starjunk 95.

Quoting them, "The grooviest Radio Station in the Galaxy", They quite literally make one of the Funkiest Beats around. Their music and art style is heavily inspired by Anime and Cyberpunk-like Sci-Fi Dystopian Civilization. They made their initial appearance last year on YouTube, slowly making their name as a mysterious underground EDM act garnering attention from EDM enthusiasts who are always on the lookout for something new.

Nobody knows the real crew behind these sounds. However, they go by fictional Avatars who represent different styles of music they produce.

From left to right; Capturez, Jetta, and Sora: The Avatars of Starfunk 95.

Sora - representing the softer, mellow, and midtempo music,

Capturez - represents the hardcore, Electro House sound and

Jetta - She's the main groove girl, specializing in Hypergroove and Starfunk.

Their latest track "Funk Dust Soul" will immerse you in its futuristic sounds with bass-heavy beats and glitchy melodies. The song uses abundant use of synth lines and chopped vocals to give you the vibe of riding an intergalactic spaceship through a nebula!

The basslines are the star of the show in this one hell of a funk track. The bassline drives the song in a not-too-fast but not lacking rhythm.

Apart from the awesome tracks which are dropped each month, Starfunk 95 focuses a lot on vast world-building. You can explore the Lore behind each of the Avatars, their backstories, and how their journey intertwines with each other on their website:-

Dive into the Tune here -


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