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"BORED", A modern love letter to House music; by INJI.

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Inci Gurun AKA INJI

Known for her Immense popularity on the short video platform "TikTok", INJI drops another banger. Originating from Istanbul, INJI fell in love with music as a child. She dreamed of becoming a singer and would spend all of her after-school hours singing in her sister's closet. She started her career by joining groups and choirs in her final year of high school and formed her own Jazz band after enrolling in college. Last year she started a personal project to release a song on Spotify. The drummer of her band helped her in the Music Production process and that's how their journey of Song Writing started. She got thrown into the limelight of the Music Industry after one of her songs "GASLIGHT" experienced a boom on TikTok.

BORED has something for every type of EDM lover.

Her latest single "BORED" derives heavy inspiration from classic House Music with a dash of the Modern Phunk Genre. The lyrics are super catchy with the theme of the all-encompassing boredom of today's youth. The rhythm and bassline of the song are inspired by Classic House Music but not too old, leaning more toward the "Future House" Territory. The melodies throughout the song have a Brazilian Phunk vibe, connecting deeply with modern EDM lovers. BORED has something for every type of EDM lover.

Dive into the tune here -


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