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Sugarcane Jane's 'Burn' Sparks the Path of Self-Discovery.

Sugarcane Jane, led by Anthony Crawford and Savana Lee presents 'Burn,'

a song that navigates a raw journey through life's uncertainties.

Man, Woman, Husband, Wife, Studio, Guitars, Hat, Married, Artists, SInger, Musician, Chair, Black and White, Monochrome, Lamp
Sugarcane Jane

With influences ranging from classic rock to Americana, 'Burn,' dives into themes of self-doubt and strength, as the duo navigates the struggles of decision-making and personal growth. Lines like "Take me to your secret place, a place where I can see the truth" evoke a yearning for clarity amidst uncertainty.

'Burn' highlights Sugarcane Jane's growth as musicians, showcasing their ability to blend genres while staying true to their southern roots. With this track, they invite audiences into their world, where vulnerability is met with strength, and every challenge is met with unwavering resolve.

Dive into the tune here -


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