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Strings of Stories: Wishpenny's Folk-Rock Tale Unfolds in 'Day After Dark'

Nashville-based duo Wishpenny, comprised of Regina and Brian, invites listeners with their second independent album, 'Day After Dark.' Diving into the genres of Americana, folk-rock, and indie rock, this husband-and-wife team creates an album that's structured to mirror the duality of light and dark, hope and despair.

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Day after Dark

The album's title track, 'Day After Dark,' sets an optimistic tone, a toe-tapping love song that echoes with sincerity. It's a journey that begins on the day side, an exploration of love and hope amid the backdrop of realism.

Moving on to track number two, 'Glide and Cover' with its instrumental work, It's a soundtrack to those moments when the world aligns with your contentment, and you're genuinely happy with life and yourself. 'Glide and Cover' becomes a mood lifter, inviting listeners to soak in the delight that fills the atmosphere, much like a sunlit afternoon that etches a lasting smile on your face.

'Better Than We Found' follows, a song that carries a message of hope, suggesting that, at our core, we all seek the same basic things in life. A must-listen, especially when you need a lift, the song offers solace through its universal message, capturing the essence of our collective take on happiness.

The track 'Close' stands out, with its anchored feel and a nuanced touch of jazz expressive trombone improvisations. This adds a layer of sophistication to the folk-rock fusion, showcasing Wishpenny's ability to craft diverse elements flawlessly into their narrative.

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The mood shifts to the darker side of life with 'Not About Love.' Regina's emotive vocals, accompanied by an acoustic guitar and a stomp board, navigate the complexities of staying amid external pressures. Her voice resonates with raw emotion, balancing sharpness and softness, offering both a piercing reflection and a comforting solace.

In 'Escape Velocity,' Brian takes charge through his expressive guitar work, skillfully narrating the adventurous tale of a wife and the challenges she faces. The song becomes a vital journey, capturing both the thrill of exploration and the hardships encountered along the way. The track guides listeners through the highs and lows of the protagonist's life, making 'Escape Velocity' a compelling chapter in Wishpenny's narration so far.

The album takes a contemplative turn with 'Step Into the Sun,' narrating the adventurer's subsequent illness. Regina's vocals convey the emotional nuances of facing the consequences of one's adventures. This track stands out to showcase Wishpenny's ability to explore a spectrum of emotions within a single album, adding depth to the overall listening experience.

The album concludes with 'Believe,' a stripped-down narrative inviting listeners to explore beyond the visible, a plea to "Believe there is more than you can see, there is more than you can know, there is more than you can say." Against the backdrop of Regina's vocals, it implores the listener to believe in the unseen, the unknown, and the unsaid.

'Day After Dark' is a love letter not just between Regina and Brian but to the shared human experience of navigating love, loss, and the pursuit of something better. Wishpenny has crafted more than an album; it's a journey through each track which is like a page in a collective diary, offering a glimpse into the complexities of love, the yearning for improvement, and the resilience required to face life's darker moments.

So, flip the record, and immerse yourself in

Wishpenny's beautiful gem of an album, 'Day After Dark.'

Dive into the tune here -


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