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'Eroding Crown' by L.E.A.H. - haunting, heartfelt, and vulnerable in a beautiful way.

Canadian-based artist, L.E.A.H., recently released a song about toxic relationships.

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The track, 'Eroding Crown', applauds the resilience and courage of sexual assault survivors. The song has two tracks - Eroding Crown (Unchained), and Eroding Crown (Unplugged); both of which, are brilliantly produced. The artist has seamlessly combined R&B and jazz influences to create a contemporary hit.

The song begins soft and somber with light piano notes. The beats of drums join in later. The melody creates an atmosphere that makes you grieve for the lost time, effort, and feelings that you put into a relationship only to get abused. LEAH's heartfelt lyrics and vocals add the nuances needed for such a vulnerable song. The music lulls you into a rhythmic calm while the raw emotions in the singer's voice tug at your heartstrings.

The lyrics, "Love never damaged. Love isn't fear. It was hiding in the corner, crying out tears. Always thinking, one day you'll change. How can that happen when my heart's your game?" - this perfectly summarises an abusive relationship. The song speaks of the inner strength of survivors and encourages them to find themselves again. It offers comfort and celebrates the bravery shown by the survivors.

'Eroding Crown' is one of the most socially impactful compositions by LEAH.

Dive into the tune here -

Eroding Crown (Unchained) -

Eroding Crown (Unplugged) -


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