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Serial Heartbreaker by FLETCHER: A Skin-Perking Masterpiece.

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FLETCHER also known as Cari Fletcher, has become renowned for her empowering artistry anthems that highlight her sapphic journey. FLETCHER has established herself as a unifying artist within the LGBTQ+ community, showcasing her captivating stage presence and delivering impactful queer-themed songs that resonate with diverse audiences. The Popstar embraces her pain, and her heartbreaks and comes out with the most heart-wrenching music that makes you wanna sing your heart out, unapologetically. As a self-proclaimed socially anxious child, she began vocalizing even before she could articulate her thoughts. FLETCHER's music takes you in and walks you through all the phases of love and life that she has experienced, her lyrics feel authentic like something ripped straight out of someone's journal, giving people the comfort that their feelings are shared and matter.

Serial Heartbreaker is the enchanting blend of 80s Pop with a whiff of The Veronicas. The unparalleled vocals and the heartrending lyrics are alone enough to daze one out of their quiet thoughts. The backtrack vocals maintain a prominent presence throughout the song. Something about the song that's very atmospheric and filled with chaos at the same time. The perfectly timed vocals grip you, compelling you to scream the song every time its plays.

Dive into the tune here.


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