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"Scarlette" by Mark Howard is an ode to a relationship that now can only be reached through memories.

Mark Howard, an Australian singer-songwriter, creates alternative rock music with a hint of other genres like folk and country.

Man, Shore, Beach, Ocean, Sand, Guitar, Acoustic, Vest, Beard, Jeans, Musician, Artist, Singer
Mark Howard

His pieces transcend the bounds of time and emotions as they are inspired by nature, his personal experiences, or theatre. He aims to make you feel the depth of your emotions through the universal language of music.

"Scarlette" begins with the lyric "She breaks". The woeful, soft melody explains how the artist has resigned himself to the fact that the woman he speaks of is his heartbreak now. The song talks about a love that is long gone. It brings up the loneliness and regret that one feels after losing something meaningful. You can hear the pain and sorrows that the artist holds back through his vocals. The guitar riffs will surely leave an indentation on your heart.

The song is mixed by Dave Prideaux and mastered by Andy Stewart.

"Scarlette" is an experience that will force you to feel two of the most extreme emotions, love and grief, to their full capacity.

Dive into the tune here -


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