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‘Rough’ by Winn Rose: A Song That Seranades The Essence Of Long Distance Relationships.

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Winn Rose

Winn Rose is a young singer-songwriter from Melbourne. Her music merges her real-life experiences with Pop elements like groovy music, and catchy lyrics. ‘Rough’ is her latest track.

‘Rough’ is an energetic and explosive track from the first note. The music is fast-paced with thundering guitar strings and thumping drums. Rose’s vocals are raw and unpolished they will remind you of a young Avril Lavigne. The lyrics were my favourite part of the song, they explore themes of yearning for your beloved while they are away from home and the emptiness that you feel when the one person that you are used to having around every day is not around you anymore.

If you are someone who is going through a long-distance relationship then this song will make you feel understood.

Dive into the tune here -


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