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Rocking the Classics: Arn-Identified Flying Objects Alien Friends' Fresh Take on the Classic, 'Summer Kisses, Winter Tears'

Arn-Identified Flying Objects Alien Friends' solo endeavor, born from the Swedish band Redmoon, takes flight with "Summer Kisses, Winter Tears."

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Arn-Identified Flying Objects Alien Friends

In giving a fresh twist to an Elvis classic, the cover boldly transforms Presley's timeless piece, respecting its roots yet infusing it with a current, dynamic spirit.

With a raw and genuine approach, the fusion of country storytelling and alt-rock sensibilities adds an edge to the evocative storytelling. The instrumental arrangement, with its subtle yet impactful shifts, sets this rendition apart. The cover manages to honor the original's essence while carving out a distinct identity, displaying creative boldness that fits seamlessly with the ever-shifting musical horizon.

Arn-Identified Flying Objects Alien Friends' take on "Summer Kisses, Winter Tears" serves as a compelling example of how artists can breathe new energy into timeless songs.

Dive into the tune here


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