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Rediscover the meaning of life in Emilio Gonzalez's Latest, 'Look Alive'

guitar, stripped shirt
Emilio Gonzalez

Emilio Gonzalez's newest release, "Look Alive," offers a touching glimpse into the ever-revolving cycle of life. Inspired by his great-aunt's 100th birthday, this song beautifully abbreviates the essence of aging and nostalgia. The song beautifully captures our curiosity as kids about getting older and then when we do get older, we desire to feel young again. We often worry about growing up and end up diving into life that we need to live but we lose sight of what we want to live for. And what we want to live for is to live to the fullest. To the 100th.

This touching song will be the first on Emilio's upcoming EP, "Reminiscence." Emilio's talent ensures that this EP will resonate with your emotions, just like "Look Alive" does.

Emilio's song is definitely a 'bringing-smile-on-your-face' kind of song that you need to listen to.

Dive into the tune here -

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