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'One Day' by Leif Riggs is the perfect amalgamation of smooth melody and strong lyricism.

Leif Riggs has been writing rap since he was in high school. Though Riggs has graduated with honors in Mathematics, his passion remains music.

Hoodie, Man, Artist, Musician, Singer, Cap
Leif Riggs

'One Day', produced by InsaneBeatz, is soothing melodically. The influence of traditional hip-hop music along with Riggs' easy-going delivery makes the song super catchy!

Riggs' ability to jump from one idea to the next without muddying the impact of yeh message they intends to convey is noteworthy. This song talks about discovering and remaining true to oneself in the pursuit of goals. It gives the listeners a push to keep going through all hardships.

'One Day' makes me believe that resilience is rewarded.

Listen to it right away!

Dive into the tune here -


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