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‘Never Ending Song’ By Conan Gray: A Song That We Wish Never Ended!

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Conan Gray

Conan Lee Gray is an American singer-songwriter, born in California and raised in Texas. Gray began his career by singing song covers on his Youtube channel and rose to fame by making it to the Billboard 200 list with his debut album that featured well-known songs like, ‘Heather’.

‘Never Ending Song’ is a lively and upbeat track, and its music has an 80s pop vibe to it, it is also powerful and danceable. Conan Gray’s voice has a unique texture that suits this song’s old-school vibe perfectly, his voice is husky and masculine which sounds extremely attractive. The lyrics are hummable and have a sing-along quality which makes this song an earworm. The music video's concept goes well with the old-school 80s vibe, as it is shot in a vintage-style supermarket. The sets, the wardrobe, the colour grading and the hairstyles look like something straight out of Stranger Things.

The upbeat music, the gorgeous vocals, and the music video makes this song a complete package and showcase the ability of Conan Gray as an artist. Conan Gray is destined for greater success because of the way he pumps out the perfect music tracks always. Witness this great track today!

Dive into the tune here:


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