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Let Myah's latest release, 'Always Want You' Hold You in a Warm Embrace of Love and Remind You to Smile Ear-to-Ear.

'always want you' by Myah is a rock love anthem that grips you from start to end.

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The song delves into the intoxicating feeling of meeting someone special. The lyrics evoke a sense of newfound love without the shadow of heartbreak, capturing the thrill of realizing you might have found your other half.

In the verses, Myah sings of the intense bond and intimate moments shared with the person they've met, conveying an infectious sense of hopeless romance around them. The chorus is endearing, inviting listeners to celebrate the electrifying sensation of being alive and in love.

With its passionate rock-pop energy, 'always want you' is an alluring track that sings about the joy of finding love and the anticipation of what the future holds.

Myah's stunning vocals make 'always want you' a standout addition to any playlist for listeners who have been swept away by the euphoric feeling of newfound love.

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