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'Mother's Angry' - Gary Dranow's warning of an imminent doom due to climate change.

Northern Utha-based musician, Gary Dranow brings up environmental issues in his latest single.

Beanie, Beard, Snow, Man, Blue, Old Man, Artist, Singer, Musician
Gary Dranow

The track was made in collaboration with The Manic Emotions - a band that brings together artists from all over the globe to create music that's boundless, unique, and resonates with music enthusiasts worldwide.

'Mother's Angry' begins with the lyrics "She's had enough of all your bulshit", setting the apocalyptic tone for the track. The music gives off classic rock vibes and triggers nostalgia while being anthemic. The lyricism expresses the injustices inflicted upon our environment by us and calls us to take action before Mother Earth unleashes her wrath.

The drums add to the already dynamic melody. This song showcases a well-executed combination of rock music and narration.

It feels like a thunderstorm - a dangerous, unyielding force of nature.

Dive into the tune here -


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