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"Monsters" - A Power Ballad by SALt is sure to touch that soft spot of your heart.


You remember the feeling you get when you suddenly remember something you held dearest to you when you were little? Then you go around to the store room, find that thing, and reminisce on the sweet memories of the past but suddenly remember that time is gone, never to come back again, resting only in your memory.


That's exactly what you will feel while listening to "Monsters" by SALt. Filled with intense passion and melancholy the track is crafted with love and the memory of their dog, Jess. SALt consists of five members - Sharon Woods on the Vocals, Robin Woods on the Guitars, Simon Kettles on the Bass, and James King handling the drum work and the keys. This song gets an emotional touch with Jess, her ashes being used as the shakers.

The track is laid back and bittersweet, something you would get to hear at the end credits of a sad movie. The vocals are magical, harmonized by the shimmering guitars. You would regret hearing this melodious track!

Dive into the Tune here -


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