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"Money" by The Chris Ruben Band mixes Mathrock with Good Old Pop-Rock!!

The Chris Ruben Band
The Chris Ruben Band Performing Live

The Chris Ruben band is an outfit of 6 individuals with a certain knack for music that transcends emotions and genres combining together with each other to craft the greatest pop-rock of this generation. Hailing from the bustling suburbs of Long Island, NY, The Chris Ruben band is known for their energetic music presence, each track of theirs going over different rollercoasters of life. What caught our ears is their latest single "Money".

"Money" is a banger of a track that goes over the feeling of unwantedness as you wait for someone. The highlight of the track is the open-ended lyrics which talk vaguely about the necessity of someone however, it can be applied to money as well (you'll get it once you listen to it wink wink). What I absolutely love is when bands incorporate unconventional rhythmic elements such as the hook of this song, the rhythm following the melody instead of vice-versa which adds a math-rock feel to the composition!! This is a must-listen for all the music lovers who are on a hunt for something new!!

Dive into the Tune here -


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