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Mick J. Clark's 'It's Getting Near Christmas' Echoes the Sounds of the Season

Mick J. Clark's 'It's Getting Near Christmas' unwraps the festive joy of December, diving into the excitement as Christmas draws near.

The song paints a vivid picture of the season, from the enchantment of decorating to the shared Christmas spirit. The song beautifully highlights the joy of decorating and embracing the Christmas vibe, finding happiness in simple acts like picking a tree or stringing up lights.

Mick effortlessly stirs up the excitement as people grasp just how near Christmas is. With the delightful sounds of handbells and chimes, Clark crafts a tune that captures the true spirit of Christmas. The repetition of 'most magical, wonderful time of the year, is almost here' reflects his genuine anticipation for the festive season and how he made sure to share this anticipation with his listeners as well.

If you're craving some festive spirit, adding this tune to your queue is a must!

Dive into the tune here


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