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'Mermaid Song' by Books of Moods: A Captivating Indie Folk Tale

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

"Books of Moods" is an enchanting Parisian project spearheaded by the creative minds of Woodrow and Luth . Their musical journey is characterized by dreamlike melodies and a collection of melancholy tunes that take listeners on a captivating and passionate exploration of the human experience.

"Mermaid Song" by Woodrow & Luth beckons you to immerse yourself in a musical landscape that is both enchanting and deeply introspective. This folk-inspired composition boasts captivating lyrics and showcases Woodrow & Luth's unwavering commitment to lyrical clarity, a rare gem in today's music scene. It introduces a style that boldly stands out in the modern musical landscape.

The music exudes a mellow and dreamlike quality, yet it's simultaneously refreshing and adventurous. It's an indie folk rock piece that weaves a tale of a mystic and dreamy girl with an insatiable appetite for adventure. Listening to this song whisks you away into whimsy and wonder. "Mermaid Song" is a fusion of indie folk and rock, a musical journey that transports you to a world of exploration and discovery, revealing the diverse sources of inspiration that fuel the creative passion of Woodrow & Luth.

Dive into the tune here :


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