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Mark Howard Drops 'The Light Behind Us': Your Next Indie Rock Anthem

Mark Howard's latest track, 'The Light Behind Us,' emerges from Phillip Island

making a dynamic entry into the indie rock scene.

Man, Sweater, Coat, Brown, Sea, Stones, Buzzcut, Water, Ocean, Beach, Musician, Brown, Singer, Artist
Mark Howard

Howard's narrative blends indie rock with catchy pop, crafting a track that feels both fresh and familiar. The story behind the song adds another layer of depth. Inspired by a bird tapping at his window, Howard's spontaneity speaks to the organic nature of his musical creation. The song dives deep into a desire for change and escapism from life's complexities.

The lyrics stir feelings of awe and reflection, portraying the universe and life's deeper questions. Lines like "Look at the world we live in, it's in a spin" echo with pressing urgency, encouraging listeners to find solace in simple living and freedom. Howard's journey so far as a musician marks a significant chapter in the indie rock scene, promising to fascinate audiences with its true-to-life expression and devoted passion.

In essence, 'The Light Behind Us' is not just a song but a manifesto—a call to embrace change and find calm amidst the chaos.

Dive into the tune here -

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