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Magua's "Silence Sirens Storm" is bound to take you on an emotional rollercoaster.

Magua is an artist who is known for his magical intertwining of breakbeat, punk, electronic, hardcore punk, grunge, folk and funk among other styles. It is a one-man band from Kyiv, Ukraine and the way he weaves music with such passion is spellbinding. If you love to listen to music that is intricate and touches the deepest parts of your soul, you've found the perfect artist for sure. Magua was formed in 2007 as a three piece band that explored the untouched soundscapes creating an everlasting vibe.

I recently discovered this amazing project through their latest release named "Silence Sirens Storm" which is a masterpiece that treads on the roads of musicality that has never been discovered before. Beautifully weaving contrasting sounds with vivid musicality, this track packs some extraterrestrial emotions. Do give this amazing track a go, you'll love it for sure!

Dive into the tune here-


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