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Love Ghost's latest release featuring, Cinnamon Babe, 'Do You Like Me Now?' Strikes Hard with a Heavy Metal Hammer

Love Ghost and Cinnamon Babe join forces in 'Do You Like Me Now ?,'

delivering an electrifying blend of hard rock and alt-metal.

Man, Woman, Blonde, Ghost, Skeleton, Sweatshirt, White, Singer, Musician, LED light, Red light, Artists
Love Ghost & Cinnamon Babe

The track packs a punch, squaring up to haters with lyrics that confront the challenges of being judged and misunderstood, expressing the frustration and anger that arise from such experiences.

The track vividly depicts the sensation of being "paralyzed from the waist down," filling each word with firm belief and unfiltered passion. The track's hard rock and alt-metal domination are pretty evident in its aggressive guitar riffs, thrilling drums, and gritty vocal delivery. 'Do You Like Me Now?' is a rebellious anthem for those who refuse to be silenced or confined by others' perceptions. With its unapologetic attitude, the song demands attention and commands respect.

'Do You Like Me Now?' reminds listeners to embrace who they are and stand tall in the face of opposition.

Dive into the tune here -


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