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Kelsie Kimberlin's Invites You to Feel, Reflect, and Connect with her latest album, 'The Drawer.'

Kelsie Kimberlin's latest EP, 'The Drawer', is like a mood board that delves into personal experiences and universal themes through its eight-track album. The title reflects the metaphorical drawers of Kimberlin’s life, each holding unique stories and emotions. This EP does not only highlight her knack for variety but also her commitment to storytelling both musically and visually.

The EP kicks off with the title track, 'The Drawer,' a touching portrayal of a toxic relationship that oscillates between heat and heartbreak. The track vibes with the honeymoon phase that crashes and burns, ultimately leading to coming back stronger than ever. It's the type of track that hits you right in the feels. Kimberlin's delivery is both raw and relatable, setting the tone for the EP’s emotional rollercoaster of feelings.

The album transitions through various emotional aspects, reflecting a range of experiences from hopeful longing to dark temptation. 'Meet Me Anywhere' stands out for its depiction of unrequited love, presenting a blend of hope and a deep yearning that many can relate to. It captures the essence of missed opportunities and a hope for the universe to align their hearts.

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Track No. 2

'Fatal Attraction' brings a darker, more intense energy to the EP, exploring the Tapping into the rush and dangers of a passionate but uncertain relationship. The track’s vivid imagery and chilling tone underscore the magnetic pull and inevitable chaos that’s sure to follow, adding a layer of complexity to the album's narrative arc.

One of the standout elements of The Drawer is its social relevance, particularly evident in 'Twinkle.' Through this song, Kimberlin addresses themes of embracing who you are rising stronger, making an impactful statement in support of inclusivity.

The EP continues to peel back the layers of relationships with 'January Through December,' a track that reflects on the longing for more while appreciating the happiness found in everyday moments. It’s like a soundtrack for pondering life’s big questions, and appreciating what's real as chasing fairy tales won’t bring you any joy.

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The Drawer

Switching up the tempo a bit with her next track, 'Parking Lot' infuses the EP with a Latin flavor, its vibrant energy and killer groove offering a rad escape from the previous tracks that involved a lot of emotions.

The nostalgic 'Summertime’s Gone' captures the fleeting nature of summer romances, bringing back the nostalgia of young love’s bittersweetness. This track adds a bittersweet dimension to the EP, clicking with those who've felt the brief rush of summer romances.

Concluding the EP is 'Recovery,' a deep dive into how stress in life automatically affects our behavior and relationships. Kimberlin’s expressions of apology and appreciation bring a sincere and redeeming end to the album, emphasizing the themes of forgiveness and self-growth.

The Drawer is an emotionally packed EP that consistently blends personal storytelling with broader social themes. Kelsie Kimberlin nails a wide spectrum of emotions in her music, making this collection both relatable and impactful. Each track opens a drawer into different angles of life that keep you hooked from start to finish.

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