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Kabir Green's Latest Release, 'I See Gold' is a Catchy Electro-Folk Fusion that Redefines Genre Boundaries

Kabir Green breaks new ground with 'I See Gold,' a journey into the realm of electronic pop. The track delves into the struggle with personal demons, seeking hope through the lens of a loved one.

Monochrome, Man, Shades, Sunglasses, Flannel, Guitar, Musician, Artist, Singer, Plant, Window
Kabir Green

Kabir's personal touch is evident; he played every instrument and sang every note in this brilliant piece of his. The song captures a shift in Kabir's artistic journey, embracing the digital landscape of synth tones and textures.

The transformation is not just stylistic; it's a profound shift in approach, allowing a new creative stream to surface. Kabir Green crafts an intimate narrative that transcends genre boundaries, offering a glimpse into his evolving artistic identity.

'I See Gold' portrays a story of self-discovery, revealing how connections

with others can illuminate one's path.

Dive into the tune here -


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