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Juliet Callahan's Latest Release, 'Heal' Reshapes Music for the Digital Generation.

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Black crop top, skirt, hoop earrings
Juliet Callahan

Juliet Callahan is a singer-songwriter, producer, and audio engineer based in New York. Her new track "Heal" is based on the struggles that come with being in the digital age. The pressure of constantly putting yourself out on social media to not feel left out and being trolled by people is a struggle that Gen Z will relate to. Callahan has created this track entirely at her home studio.

The creative hold over each note and beat is impressive. The lyrics talk about how social media has left the artist feeling empty and emotionless due to pretending to be someone she isn't, how she just wants to feel something real. May it be the pulsing percussion notes or ethereal synth tunes, the entire track feels innovative and stimulating in the best way possible. If you've had issues and have struggled because of social media this track will bring you comfort, so give it a spin right away.

Dive into the tune here -


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