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Jordan Kinsey's 'Together Alone' is an amalgamation of comfort and complexities of love.

Updated: Feb 27

Jordan Kinsey is a singer-songwriter and guitarist from New Jersey. She is known for creating authentic and captivating music.

Green Dress, Dress, Green, Cloudy, Grey Clouds, Greenery, Redhead, Woman, Artist, Singer, Musician
Jordan Kinsey

Her latest single, 'Together Alone' is a cover of the song originally sung by Melanie Safka. 'Together Alone' is intense right from the get-go.

The track's slow rhythm of the piano with the vulnerable vocals of the artist set the tone for this song we'll. The lyrics "Together on our own. Let's be together alone" beautifully express the comfort of sharing seclusion with someone you love. Jordan's sincere vocals do justice to the intimacy of the lyricism.

This song is complex yet comforting in the best way possible. It's the perfect addition to your love playlist.

Dive into the tune here -

Check out the official video here -


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