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I've Loved You For So Long by The Aces sings about the Second-Chance at Love Cliche.

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The Aces

Formed in Provo, Utah, The Aces formerly named 'The Blue Aces', are an US-based alternative band. The group of 4 comprises Katie Henderson (Guitarist), McKenna Patty (Bassist) and sisters, Alisa Ramirez (Drummer) & Cristal Ramirez (Lead Vocals & Guitar). The Aces began at a very tender age of 10 when the sisters, Alisa & Cristal dedicated their time honing their skills and talent. Born into a household of musicians, the girls had fervent passion for jamming and would much rather spend most of their time into it by skipping on school-work. On a random festive morning, the sisters invited their best friend, McKenna to join them and were soon joined by Katie as well. The Aces released their first ever song as a band in 2016. The song eventually soared to stardom in 2017, peaking at the #38 position on the Billboard's Chart.

The band's latest release, 'I've Loved You For So Long', passionately captures the revival of a love that was once lost. The track boasts some incredible guitar riffs and skillful drumming, backed up with well-written and executed lyrics. I personally loved the bridge of the track and the refrain as it's most catchy part of the song. The Aces mostly known by it's queer audience, delivers songs from a perspective of representation and provides a sense of space as well.

Dive into the tune here


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